Night of Encouragement

As BARN is a religious equipping and education organization. Our events are designed to give you experience using the charismatic gifts. Night of Encouragement as an event where people from any denomination and background can come and practice Prophesy. Our goal is to allow people to grow and mature in the gift of Prophecy. The training consists of small connection time, a short teaching and then opportunities to practice called activations. Whether you are a new believer or experienced, we welcome everyone to come. 


You will be partnered with someone and have an opportunity to practice with someone else. These nights are designed to help people grow in hearing God's voice. The event is free although we do ask that the participants give a donation. The event is translated into French and English.


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Prophetic Conferences are an opportunity to come and be refreshed in the Spirit of God. At Prophetic Conferences, it's about freedom and allowing God's presence to move. It's also an opportunity to receive amazing teachings from Prophet's with a variety of backgrounds and experiences.


Our conferences allow us to experience God's love and goodness and to refresh those in attendance. We want our participants to walk away with a perspective of the Prophetic that is rooted in love and God's truth. Our last conference was in March of 2018, stay tuned for information about our Next Conference in 2019. 

Prophetic Courses

Our prophetic courses are an opportunity to grow in hearing God's voice. During the courses, we lay a biblical foundation for prophetic ministry, discernment, and protocols to using your gifts to help you grow and mature.  The courses typically last about 5 weeks.